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YSL Defense Attorney Says He Gave Young Thug ‘Street Cred’ With First-Ever Felony Charge

A YSL defense attorney has prompted much chatter after claiming that he was the one who gave Young Thug his “street cred.”

That’s the claim made by Suri Chadha Jimenez on the Infamous Sylvia radio show on Friday (September 15). Jimenez, who appeared on the show with co-attorney Nicole Diaz, said that he was the attorney who prosecuted Thugga on his first weapons charge back in 2014.

“I know that, because I prosecuted him,” he said in the interview. “I gave Mr. Thug his first felony. So I gave him some street cred.”

Check out his outrageous claims below.

Fans who have been following the YSL RICO trial may recall Jimenez’s shenanigans back in May, when he was facing a bevy of contempt charges and potential jail time, but managed to get them all dismissed thanks to some strip club chicken wings.

YSL RICO Case: Charges Against YSL Polo Dropped Following Murder Conviction

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Suri Chadha Jimenez faced the charges after showing up late to court on May 9. This didn’t go over well with Judge Ural Glanville, who ordered that Jimenez buy lunch for the other lawyers on the case as punishment for the snafu — a rule that Judge Glanville has had in place since the trial began.

Judge Glanville suggested that Jimenez drop some change at the nearby sub shop, but the YSL lawyer had other plans.

Jimenez told the judge that though Magic City — a landmark strip club in Atlanta made famous in songs by the likes of Drake and Future — didn’t open its kitchen until 3:00 pm ET, he could “pull some strings” and get some wings for everyone on the team.

“They made a chef come in early, and cook all the delicious wings for us,” Jimenez said, while adding that everyone enjoyed several helpings of the lemon pepper wings and the Magic City brand wings.

“They were hot and ready for me to pick up at the time they told me. They made it happen so I was very happy. I like to support local businesses, I like to support minority employers. I’ve been there many times to show my support for the local community.”

That headline-grabbing incident was just the latest wild turn of events in the YSL RICO case that has seen everything from Young Thug being rushed to the hospital after falling ill in court to jurors being held in contempt for calling the judge a bitch.

The YSL RICO trial, which is still in the discovery phase, is expected to resume shortly.

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