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Tyrese Unloads On DJ Envy: ‘No One Has Disrespected Your Wife More Than You’

Tyrese has torn into DJ Envy amid their recent feud over his wife, claiming the radio host has “disrespected” his family more than anyone.

The pair’s rift began last week when Envy confronted the Fast & Furious actor live on The Breakfast Club over “disrespectful” texts he allegedly sent his wife, Gia Casey.

Tyrese later refuted Envy’s claims, sharing receipts of alleged text messages between the three of them while asking: “Does anything about our communication feel like I actually disrespected his wife or him?”

In a series of since-deleted videos posted to Instagram on Thursday (September 14), the 44-year-old doubled down on his denial while calling out DJ Envy for cheating on his wife, scamming people with a “Ponzi scheme” and being a hypocrite when it comes to mental health awareness.

“I’ma let a lot of people down from the choice that I’m about to make. I’ve been asked to leave it alone,” Tyrese began. “Envy, you know how you said, ‘I don’t give a fuck about nothing … when it comes to my wife and my family, I don’t play no games.’

“You goofy-ass [inaudible]. No one has disrespected your wife and your family more than you. You know the most dangerous thing about me? I know what I know about the level you took it to. I’ll leave it at that.”

He continued: “Ponzi scheme, stealing all this money from all of these innocent people — that ain’t got shit to do with me. What you did behind her back with the one, with the two, with the 10 — that ain’t got nothing to do with me.

“See, you’re a manipulator, you’re a gaslighter, and you’re also one of those great undiscovered actors … How the fuck are you living a double, triple life, and your wife, who is completely innocent and sweet, had no sign and no indication whatsoever that you was out doing what you was doing?

“You had to be one of the baddest muthafuckas I’ve ever known to cheat on your wife — ever! I mean, n-gga, you ain’t leave a trail of popcorn down the hallway at all! Hats off to you.”

Tyrese then questioned why Envy’s wife would still talk to him on the phone with her husband laid next to her in bed, as Casey revealed on The Breakfast Club earlier this week, if he had “disrespected” her.

“Really? I’m on the phone with your wife, and you’re in the same bed laying on the side of her? What real man would let another man be on the phone in any capacity, if I actually disrespected her?

“If I actually flirted or did anything that y’all accused me of doing? What did I say and what did I do that was inappropriate? … ‘You crossed the line, I need to box your mouth’ — that was the most gangsta shit I heard in my life. You’re a comedian, dude.”

He added: “We’re still on text chains for the last five, six years? And yet, we have been on calls — all three of us — I would say a minimum of 10, probably 15 times … Where is the violation, Envy?”

DJ Envy & His Wife Accuse Tyrese Of ‘Crossing Lines’ As Text Spat Heats Up

Tyrese further cast doubt on DJ Envy’s story by bragging about the “pedigree” of women he hooks up with, implying that DJ Envy’s wife doesn’t belong in that category.

“I’ve been around everybody’s wife, everybody’s girlfriend, everybody’s baby momma. I’ve done knocked down some of the baddest bitches on human feet,” he said. “No disrespect, but I wouldn’t even look in [your wife’s] direction … Come on, bro. Accuse me of something that actually makes sense.”

In the caption of one of his posts, he warned: “Since we out here tryna go ‘viral’ threatening live on the air let’s unpack this all……. However way you/yall respond I’m done done….. Have fun!! Milk it into ratings and more blogs.

“What I’m NEVER gonna do until I take my last breath is let anyone question my integrity, attack my character and be out here reckless on some random fuck shit. I would strongly suggest you tread lightly…. I don’t do cease-and-desist letters … you decide on your own what level we’re gonna take it to from here…. I want all the smoke beige nigha.”

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