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Drag-On Takes Aim At ‘Liar’ Pitbull For Rap Battle Claims: ‘I Will Smoke You’

Drag-On has unloaded on Pitbull after the singer claimed that the former Ruff Ryders rapper took an “L” in a battle against him back in the day.

On Saturday (September 23), Drag-On (real name Melvin Jason Smalls) took to Instagram where he blasted the Miami pop star over claims he mopped the floor with him during a rap battle decades ago, catapulting him to success.

“A @pitbull, iv been watching you tell lies for over 15 years about how you battled me and won [laughing emoji],” he wrote in a lengthy message. “First off, I was shooting a video with DMX (no love for me) and they begged me to come out side to hear you and spit with you.

“I didn’t even want to come out there and I shouldn’t of, but I did, that was not a battle at all and you know this.. don’t let this nig% @irvgotti187 pump you up to get smoked. I don’t know why you have been saying you got on through me because you have been VERY successful.”

He continued: “Now you even added more lies to the story [laughing emoji]. Iv battled real nig%s with REAL BARS, so now you have my undivided attention!! – so check this out – if you mention my name one more time in a disrespectful way you will be my next PART 47- I will dedicate that one to you and @irvgotti187 with no problem.

“I do NOT bother no one but you keep messing with me – why? I know ima bar trophy to some of you rappers – and before you respond go watch my other freestyle parts & see if you want this smoke. on my mama I will smoke you pitbull – and I like mixing my weed up anyway.”

The spat stems from a recent episode of Gold Minds with Kevin Hart in which Mr. Worldwide revisited rumors he cleaned the floor with Drag-On during a freestyle battle in the late ’90s.

“She said, ‘Hey, you’ve got talent.’ Fast forward, she gets me an invitation to a DMX video shoot in ’97 [or] ’98. It’s called ‘Ain’t No Cats Got Love 4 Me’ with a cat named Drag-On on it,” began Pitbull, crediting one of his high school classmates, Hope Martinez, for going the extra mile.

Pitbull claimed that during the shoot one of his friends began to talk up his talents to DMX and declared he could win in a rap battle against anybody.

“So I end up battling Drag-On,” he said. “Swizz Beatz is right there. And Swizz is like, ‘Man, I’m gonna give Drag three rounds. He’s gonna burn you.’”

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By Mr. 305’s account, the battle went on for eight rounds.

“Then, Drag spits a verse off of a record called ‘Down Bottom’ with him and Juvenile. Record hadn’t come out yet, but the flow was crazy. So I’m like, ‘Oh, man. You got me,’” Pitbull recalled. “But his people are like, ‘No. You got him.’”

Due to using previously-written rhymes, Pitbull alleged Drag-On was disqualified, making him the winner. His victory caught the eye of Murder Inc. founder Irv Gotti, who encouraged Pit to begin writing songs, telling him: “That freestyle shit is great, but it doesn’t make no money.”

Neither Pitbull nor Irv Gotti have responded to Drag-On’s Instagram post as of press time.

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