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DJ Vlad Goes Off On Nicki Minaj For Using Men ‘As Crash Dummies Like The Plague’

DJ Vlad has unloaded on Nicki Minaj in response to the recent drama involving her husband, Kenneth Petty.

On Thursday (September 21), the popular media personality took to Twitter to blast the “Starships” rapper for her latest song snippet, in which she seems to imply that she has a gang that will shoot someone upon her command: “I can’t be playin’ with n-ggas, I married a G/ I got some n-ggas that do what I say, if I tell’em to shoot, they pull up on the three“.

“Nicki Minaj’s husband is on house arrest for threatening Offset,” Vlad began. “Right after that, she previews a song on IG saying she got killers who will pull up and do what she say. This was the same Nicki who threatened to send her husband to Akademiks’ house for his comments about her.

“This is the same Nicki who told Meek Mill to have his crew beat up Quentin Miller, which then happened. Have you ever heard a woman scream, ‘my man will fuck you up!’ over something she started herself? That’s Nicki.”

He continued: “If you want to see how these stories end, check out my interview with Travis Rudolph. After an argument with his girlfriend, she sent her brother and 3 other guys to shoot up his house. One of them ended up dead, another one got shot.

“Travis was charged with murder — which he luckily beat in trial due to self-defense. To all the men out there, I don’t care how fat her ass is or how good the sex is. Avoid women like Nicki who use men as crash dummies like the plague. I said what I said.”

This isn’t the first Instagram post that Nicki Minaj has made in the wake of Kenneth Petty’s antics at the VMAs that has earned her some backlash.

Nicki first took to Instagram on Thursday (September 21) to claim that there were “snitches” in the upper echelons of the music industry that were preventing her swatting perpetrator (or perpetrators) from being brought to justice.

“2 times my home was surrounded by large guns. This person wanted a family with a 2 year old to be shot at. Yet, nothing on any blog,” Nicki Minaj began, even though there has been extensive coverage about the various swatting attempts on her Hidden Hills, CA, home.

“This same person made a false claim to CPS. When you have snitches in high places of the music industry who don’t want you to win but realize they can’t stop you because God’s anointing in my life is very real. Funny how this person hasn’t been found, mentioned, arrested, nada.”

She continued: “QUEEN RADIO LIVE FROM NEW YORK TMRW AT 4PM EST. It’s still protect black women or nah??? no sympathy needed. #BigDifference snippet alone doing numbers on tiktok. Bodied the VMAS. #PinkFriday2 is SOOOOOO GOOD!!!! OMGGGG CANT WAIT FOR U GUYS TO HEAR IT. Make a video using #BigDifference & #LastTimeiSawYou & tag me barbz. Love youuuuuuuuuuu it’s great when your label is excited about your album.”

Nicki Minaj then took to her Instagram Stories on that same day to seemingly accuse Cardi B of being the “snitch” in question, and seemed to imply that she would be doxxing her so she, too, could be swatted.

“Can’t call the cops every time you flop. just saying,” she wrote. “Barbz, tmrw ima tell yall who to swat since swatting a home with a baby isn’t a felony. Let’s GOOOOOOOOO. #PinkFriday2 11.17.23 #BigDifference #LastTimeISawYou #ProtectBlackwomenSometimes?”

Cardi B Defends Offset After Nicki Minaj’s Husband Placed Under House Arrest

Right after Nicki Minaj made these posts, Hollywood Unlocked founder Jason Lee claimed that she and Kenneth Petty also plotted to have him beat up.

“Lock them the fuck up,” he said on the most recent episode of The Daily Drop. “Now let me say another thing, if you’re a Barb and you support this behavior, you support child molesters and rapists too. Because you’re also complicit. You’re funding the machine. But all of you are so sick now.

“Is Nicki Minaj a phenomenal rapper? Yes. I dance to her music every time it comes on in the club. I play it here. I love Nicki’s music. And everything I’ve said nice about it, I believe. But I can tell you what’s currently in the news right now, it’s clear Nicki Minaj and her husband want Cardi [B] and Offset dead.

“And guess what? If anything happens to them, we know where to go. If you know Kenneth Petty’s parole officer, please send it to me. Email it to me right now. Send it to Hollywood Unlocked. Please DM us. Because I’m gonna call him and send him this receipt that I got — tried to hire somebody to come get me.”

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