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Chrisean Rock Claims ‘Pedophile’ Blueface Has More Explicit Photos Of His Kids

Chrisean Rock has made disturbing allegations against Blueface, claiming that he has explicit photos of his other son, Javaughn J. Porter, whom he shares with Jaidyn Alexis.

On Monday (September 25), the reality star took to Instagram Live to blast the L.A. rapper for posting a photo of their newborn baby’s “defected” genitals on Twitter.

“You’re a weirdo, you posted your son’s dick,” Chrisean said. “Post Javaughn dick pictures that you have in your phone, from his phone. When Javaughn took pictures in his phone of his dick, you sent them to your phone. Post that, Blueface. Post your other son’s dick pictures that your son took.”

She continued: “I wanted you to be concerned about your son, too. Post your other son. Post his dick so we can know how it’s supposed to look. Huh? Huh? Exactly. That’s weird. You’re doing weirdo shit. You’re doing pedophile shit, and you’re doing gay shit.

“I don’t stand for that shit. You need to go to hell… today. You need to go to jail… today.”

Chrisean Rock also threatened to press charges against Blueface for sharing the graphic photo of their baby’s private parts, who was born earlier this month.

“And I’m pressing charges,” she said. “I don’t need no money, no child support. But I’m pressing charges, bro. You wanna play this police game?”

Meanwhile, Blueface has since addressed the outrage surrounding the photo, claiming that his phone was stolen and his Twitter was hacked.

“My phone was stolen yesterday I just got a new one guys im back my twitter was hacked,” the “Thotianna” rapper tweeted.

Prior to posting the photo of his son’s genitals, Blueface claimed in an interview with No Jumper that the child has a hernia and requires surgery to fix it.

“I had to go ’cause I guess the baby has a little hernia or something,” he said. “I didn’t make the birth ’cause she didn’t invite me. She didn’t let me know nothing. She was just doing some Instagram stuff so I was just like, ‘Alright, how am I supposed to arrange myself to just get over there?’

“The communication wasn’t there for me to end up there. I just gave her a little bit of time to feel it out, then she finally tells me the baby has a hernia and he’s gonna have surgery or whatever. It’s nothing major, just regular shit. And I was like, ‘Oh, damn,’ so that’s really why I went out there.”

Blueface said on Twitter that the hernia is on his son’s genitals, and he seemingly blamed Chrisean Rock for the child’s defect due to her smoking and drinking during pregnancy.

“Baby still ain’t had surgery for his hernia,” he wrote. “She lying talm bout he healthy he don’t have a penis cuz the hernia on his balls is so big an she steady on here talking about me an my cock fix our sons cock first then go find somebody else to ride.

“My son not healthy cuz she drank smoked an got hit her whole pregnancy she couldn’t even take 1 month off.”

Chrisean Rock Changing Baby’s Name To Blueface’s After ‘Forgiving’ Rapper

Blueface then proceeded to post a graphic photo of his son’s swollen genitals while stating he pushed for an abortion prior to the child’s birth.

“This what my son dick look like an she worried about me an lil baby cock like bih get our son cock right then do what you want,” he said.

“It’s my son I’ll post cuz dick if I want to tf who gone tell me not to…squabble up or shut up. I had a baby with a crack baby smh it’s my fault to fr can’t cap I tried to get that abortion but she prayed for this shit.”

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