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Birdman Believes The South Dominates Hip-Hop

Birdman thinks that the South reigns supreme when it comes to the conversation regarding rap dominance. While the conversation typically tends to be East coast vs. West coast rap, Birdman says Jermaine Dupri is a big reason why Southern rappers saw commercial success. During an episode of The 85 South Show podcast earlier this month, Birdman shared his thoughts on which region dominates the hip-hop music scene. The Cash Money Records boss said that the South has taken over from both the West and the East. He believes that once people caught onto the South’s sound, they started paying attention. “But once they caught on to us, like it is now, I don’t think they’ll ever get it back,” Birdman explained. “We here forever.” 

However, Birdman shared how he feels Jermaine Dupri played a role in bringing some spotlight to the South. “[He] really broke that barrier,” Birdman said. “Went up there and was fighting [for Southern rappers].” “He went up there and really made them play our music. They wouldn’t play our music at all. I got a lot of respect for Jermaine Dupri.”

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Birdman Feels That The South Will Always Stay On Top

Following his initial remarks, Birdman reaffirmed his stance, and doubled down on his comments. He continued to assert that the East Coast and West Coast would never again have the dominance they once enjoyed in the music industry. “We [the south] ain’t never letting this s**t go,” he said. “This a feeling, this a vibe and I don’t think we’ll ever let it go. Ever. And I say that respectfully. I just don’t think we’ll ever let the vibe and the motion go.”

While Birdman feels strongly about the South being on top, Jermaine Dupri feels it needs more recognition. Moreover, even til this day, Dupri is making it know that the South needs to stay on the map and deserves more shine. He’s making it clear that Atlanta specifically needs to be recognized for its contributions to hip-hop. Just last month, he expressed on social media how he wished Atlanta got more recognition during hip-hop anniversary celebrations. “Just for the record!” Dupri started in his rant. “No brands have done any dinners or get togethers in Atlanta celebrating the 50 anniversary of HipHop. That’s Crazy!!!”

Jermaine Dupri Calls Out Lack Of Hip-Hop 50 Events In Atlanta

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